The story behind the image: 10,000' Rodeo

Day one of five.

Good friends; Dan French, Ben Bishop and I pack out bags, lace our boots, and embark on a Southwest Montana Mountain Goat hunt. Two of Dan's friends loaded up their horses with half of our gear to meet us on top of the mountain where we would be setting up camp.

As we walked our way up an old burn area the mountains started to reveal themselves. Much, much higher then I had thought they would be...

As we continued to make our way up the mountain the clouds started to get darker, but the we were all the excited to be on the mountain chasing goats to pay much attention or even care.

The horses arrived about a minute ahead of us. We unloaded as the snow started to fly. Questioning our madness but still in good spirits we set up our camp, cooked some Mountain house chicken noodle soup and called it a night.

All spirits on high, that was until the next morning when we woke up to this. 2 tents still standing, but mine somewhere under a few inches of snow back behind those packs... We huddled back in one of the tents, checked the weather on my sat phone, read 4 days of snow for our location, called our families, and made our plan to get all the gear off the mountain.

White snow looking for a white ghost in a white cloud, would not happen.

So we went elk hunting. It is September after all.

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